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Leverage the power of Clean Fuel Standards and drive sustainable growth in your fleet.

Clean fuel standards made smarter

FuSE is the hub for fleet and facility operational updates, financial transaction details, downloadable financial reports, credit tracking, asset tracking, energy consumption tracking, real-time dashboarding, OEM, EVSE, and other tech reviews, public funding opportunity summaries, fuel market data, and much more.
Industry-leading, streamlined management of Clean Fuel Standards for electrified fleets.
Through our next generation platform, we offer electrified fleets, including on- and off-road equipment, a significant new opportunity to earn from their energy consumption and continue reinvesting in zero-emission transportation technologies.

Analytics and Forecasting

Support your electrification goals with a better understanding of what's coming down the pike.

Revenue and Carbon Reports

Export your data to be shared among other teams. 

Fleet Management and Energy Consumption

Ensuring all available company-wide assets are captured and generating revenue.

U.S. and Canadian Markets Served

Covering all available Clean Fuel Standard markets, with many more on the legislative floor.

Jurisdictions With Active Clean Fuel Programs
Based in Sacramento, California, and Vancouver, British Columbia, FuSE closely monitors low carbon and clean fuel programs as regulations develop in new states and territories. Each state comes with its own unique administrative requirements but with our proprietary process, we quickly implement changes to regulations and reporting requirements and are prepared to accommodate the launch of similar programs in other states and regions.

California, Oregon, British Columbia, Washington State and Canada nationally have existing low carbon programs while various other states have legislation quickly evolving. FuSE keeps you up-to-date in each area relevant to you, providing the same turn-key solutions in all regions.

Visit our existing and pending regulation pages for more information.
TL;DR Energy Consumption = Credits, Credits have Value

Clean Fuel Standards
, sometimes referred to as Low Carbon Fuel Standards, are market-based regulatory programs set up by state, provincial, or federal agencies to incentivize the use of low-carbon fuels, such as electricity and hydrogen, among others. They're meant to help you buy down the cost of electricity, incentivizing fleets to utilize more low-carbon fuel vehicles and equipment.
1 - Use Electric or Hydrogen Vehicles in Your Fleet
Using an EV fleet or planning to upgrade? Clean Fuel Standards offer financial incentives that can help reduce the overall expenses of maintaining and operating your clean fuel-powered fleet, making sustainability a practical and economical choice.
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2 - We Access Your Energy Consumption Data
FuSE tracks your fleet assets and energy consumption by location. If needed, we can help facilitate sub-metering installations for eligible, non-networked chargers.
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Carbon Footprint
3 - We Register, Report, and Monetize Your Credits
FuSE registers our partners in all state systems, manages reporting submissions, data confirmations, and all other government-interaction needed to generate Clean Fuel Standard credits.

We trade your credits on an open market to oil producers and refiners required to purchase them and leverage the best pricing by combining your credits with thousands of other fleets doing the same.
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4 - We Issue Your Incentive
You are issued payments every quarter (in the US) or every year (in Canada). Once registered, FuSE manages the entire process. You will be issued incentive payments to help advance your fleet's sustainability initiatives.
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Partners and Industries We Serve
Warehousing & Logistics
As humans work closely with machines now more than ever, FuSE understands the importance of operational efficiency within complex supply chains. We work with owners of warehousing facilities and logistics operators to enroll equipment in clean fuel programs. FuSE will also register qualifying equipment like electric vehicle charging stations, hybrid and battery-electric transportation refrigeration units (eTRUs), electric cargo handling equipment (eCHE), and electric on-road medium- and heavy-duty trucks.
Warehousing & Logistics
Commercial EV Fleets
FuSE partners with commercial vehicle fleets of all sizes and equipment makeup ranging from Class 1 to Class 8 vehicle types. The next generation of commercial electric vehicles (EVs) aims to offer better pricing, design, and efficiency. eMC is here to help with your commercial fleet electrification goals and participation in clean fuel programs.

Commercial EV Fleets
Retail and Grocery
FuSE partners with some of the largest retailers on the West Coast to enroll and manage participation in their area’s clean fuel programs. We have developed proprietary tools with the sole purpose of streamlining and automating all aspects of clean fuel program participation, especially with retailers who have many independent locations.
Retail & Grocery
We work with manufacturers in various industries like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, building materials, plastics, auto supplies, cookware, and more and make participation in clean fuel programs seamless. Many of our manufacturing partners look for more sustainable ways to develop and get their products to market. FuSE supports these efforts by enrolling manufacturers that use electric material handling equipment (eMHE) or other electric transportation in their operations.
Ports, Port Tenants, and Intermodal
FuSE understands the complexity of supply chains and the importance of operational efficiency in port and port tenant ecosystems. The eMC team currently works with some of the largest port tenants in North America and helps support their electrification efficiency upgrades. This includes battery electric yard truck deployments, reefer unit hybridization, drayage truck replacement, railcar movers, shore power installation, STS and RTG crane upgrades and much more.

Ports & Port Tenants
Cold Storage
Cold storage operators have a unique responsibility to prevent perishables from spoiling as they are transported and stored. While other warehouse operators can let goods sit at room temperatures, cold storage operators must maintain precise temperatures for sensitive products, such as frozen and refrigerated grocery items, biopharmaceutical products, flowers and more.
Cold Storage
OEMs & Vendor Partners
FuSE has hundreds of fleets actively pursuing zero-emission goals for their equipment. We connect these fleet operators with channel partners that match their needs, providing industry partners the ability to purchase products through their Clean Fuel Standard credits and other financial products. Whether you’re an OEM looking for new customers, or a fleet operator in need of new zero-emission equipment, FuSE can help.

OEMs & Vendor Partners
Food & Agriculture
FuSE currently partners with some of the largest food producers and commercial farms in California and Oregon, facilitating access to clean fuel programs in these states.
Food & Agriculture
Public Entities & Agencies
Public entities in California, Oregon, Washington State, British Columbia and Canada who have electrified or are considering electrifying their operations also qualify for participation in clean fuel programs. FuSE works with state agencies, municipalities, cities, counties, airports, seaports, school districts, railyards and public transit to enroll and manage their participation in clean fuel programs.

public agencies and entities
Public Entities & Agencies
With millions of passengers flown each day and billions of pounds of freight moved per year, US and Canadian airports depend on ground support equipment (GSE) to keep flights moving smoothly. As airports continue to electrify their fleets of GSE they will benefit from greener operations.

Customer Opinion

      We've been able to purchase five all new battery-electric yard trucks strictly from the proceeds of the LCFS in California.

Leading Food Importer in San Diego
General Manager
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