California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)

Earnings With Every Charge

California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)

Your existing fleet of electric material handling equipment (eMHE), electric cargo handling equipment, on-road EV's and hybrid refrigerated units (eTRUs) can earn your company incentives through the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). With zero change to your operations, you can start generating incentives to help offset the cost of charging and maintaining your equipment or you can fund new sustainability initiatives.

How it Works

Clean Fuel Standards
, sometimes referred to as Low Carbon Fuel Standards, are market-based regulatory programs set up by state, provincial, or federal agencies to incentivize the use of low-carbon fuels, such as electricity and hydrogen, among others. They're meant to help you buy down the cost of electricity or hydrogen, incentivizing fleets to utilize more low-carbon fuel vehicles and equipment. 
1 - Use Electric or Hydrogen Vehicles in Your Fleet
Using an EV fleet or planning to upgrade? Clean Fuel Standards offer financial incentives that can help reduce the overall expenses of maintaining and operating your clean fuel-powered fleet, making sustainability a practical and economical choice.
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2 - We Access Your Energy Consumption Data
FuSE tracks your fleet assets and energy consumption by location. If needed, we can help facilitate sub-metering installations for eligible, non-networked chargers.
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Carbon Footprint
3 - We Register, Report, and Monetize Your Credits
FuSE registers our partners in all state systems, manages reporting submissions, data confirmations, and all other government-interaction needed to generate Clean Fuel Standard credits.

We trade your credits on an open market to oil producers and refiners required to purchase them and leverage the best pricing by combining your credits with thousands of other fleets doing the same.
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4 - We Issue Your Incentive
You are issued payments every quarter (in the US) or every year (in Canada). Once registered, FuSE manages the entire process. You will be issued incentive payments to help advance your fleet's sustainability initiatives.
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Eligible Vehicle & Equipment - Off-Road Fleets

Pallet Jacks
Order Pickers
Walkie Riders
Reach Stackers
Yard Trucks

+ more

Eligible Equipment - On-Road and Public Works Vehicles

Class 6-8 Trucks
Electric Buses
DC Fast Charging Stations
Electric Public Works Vehicles
Electric Utility Trucks
Light Duty Vehicles
Heavy Duty Vehicles
Light Rail Systems
eTRUs and Hybrid Refrigeration Units
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