Energy Consumption Metering

Clean fuel program metering services for EV's, eTRU, eMHE, and more.

New Metering Requirements for Electric Forklifts

The regulations governing the clean fuel standard programs in Oregon and Washington State are undergoing changes, requiring the mandatory metering of electric material handling equipment (eMHE) such as forklifts. In the spring of 2023, both the Washington State Department of Ecology (ECY) and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) announced that metering would replace the previously used calculated methodology for credit generation for eMHE. The motivation behind this change is to improve the accuracy and reliability of data collected. In this context, FuSE emerges as the industry leader in electric vehicle and equipment metering, playing a crucial role in enabling the earning and monetization of clean fuel standard program credits in Oregon, Washington or any other state or equipment requiring metering.

Effortless Energy Monitoring: Seamless Integration with Zero Impact on Your IT Infrastructure

If required, at no up-front cost to you and planned directly with your team, FuSE will install non-invasive kWh metering equipment on-site to facilitate access to needed energy consumption data.

All equipment requires very little space, typically less than one square foot of accessible wall area. All systems run on their own cellular networks, so no WiFi connection or IT connectivity to your on-site networks is required. There is zero impact on your IT systems or staff.

Our team of professionals is ready to make the process as easy and seamless for you. Get started on your clean fuel program enrollment today.
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