Public Entities and Governmental Agencies

FuSE offers comprehensive clean fuel program management services to public entities, facilitating the transition to sustainable transportation solutions, including Electric Bus Systems, Electric Rail Systems, Electric Public Works Vehicles, and the installation of Public Access Charging Stations.
Public entities in California, Oregon, Washington State, British Columbia and Canada who have electrified or are considering electrifying their operations also qualify for participation in clean fuel programs. FuSE works with state agencies, municipalities, cities, counties, airports, seaports, school districts, railyards and public transit to enroll and manage their participation in clean fuel programs.

FuSE, working in conjunction with our parent company, Momentum, has decades of experience working directly with municipalities and public entities on zero-emission transportation project deployments. We are well-versed in common procurement practices and contracting cycles. FuSE offers a holistic approach to the value these programs add in offsetting long term infrastructure and equipment deployment costs.

Eligible Equipment - On-Road and Public Works Vehicles

Class 6-8 Trucks
Electric Buses
DC Fast Charging Stations
Electric Public Works Vehicles
Electric Utility Trucks
Light Duty Vehicles
Heavy Duty Vehicles
Light Rail Systems
eTRUs and Hybrid Refrigeration Units
For more information about clean fuel programs and how your public or government operation can participate, contact us today through our request consultation form or at
1-833-ZeroCO2 (1-833-937-6262).
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