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As a leader in the clean transportation revolution, California has a variety of grants and funding available to encourage fleets to switch from fossil fuels to the fuels of the future. One California funding program, Carl Moyer, initially focused on reducing emissions from heavy-duty diesel engines. Over time, the program’s reach has broadened and projects that reduce emissions from both heavy-duty on and off-road equipment are eligible. 

The Carl Moyer program aims to reduce air pollution from vehicles by providing grants to eligible individuals, businesses, and public agencies. In this blog, we will delve into the details of the Carl Moyer grant program, its purpose, funding, and how interested parties can participate in this impactful program. 

What is the history of the Carl Moyer Grant Program?


The Carl Moyer Grant Program was initiated in 1998 by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) as an incentive program to improve air quality through the reduction of emissions from heavy-duty diesel vehicles and equipment. The program is named in honor of Carl Moyer, a respected scientist and engineer who dedicated his career to finding innovative solutions to air pollution problems and who died a year before the program was implemented.

The primary objective of the grant program is to accelerate the turnover of older, high-polluting vehicles and equipment by offering financial incentives to replace or retrofit them with cleaner alternatives. By doing so, the program aims to reduce air pollution, protect public health, and contribute to achieving California’s clean air goals.

The Carl Moyer funding program has cost-effectively reduced smog-forming emissions in California, according to the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The Carl Moyer Program is jointly administered by CARB and California’s 35 local air districts.

What is the grant program for?


Today the Carl Moyer Program offers financial grants to private companies and public agencies, enabling them to go above and beyond legal requirements by improving their heavy-duty engines. This can involve retrofitting, repowering, or replacing the engines with newer and cleaner alternatives.

In addition to school buses and on-road trucks over 14,000 gross vehicle weight, Carl Moyer money funds other on-road equipment including: 

The Carl Moyer Program has also provided funds for various types of off-road equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Construction equipment: This can include bulldozers, excavators, graders, loaders, and other heavy machinery used in construction activities.
  • Agricultural and farm equipment: Tractors, harvesters, sprayers, and other agricultural machinery that are used in farming operations.
  • Industrial equipment: Forklifts, industrial sweepers, airport ground support equipment, and other types of off-road equipment used in industrial settings.
  • Marine vessels: Off-road equipment used in marine applications, such as harbor craft, ferries, tugboats, and other non-road marine vessels.
  • Locomotives 
  • Forklifts 

Carl Moyer grants can be used for purchasing new cleaner vehicles or retrofitting existing ones with advanced emission control technologies.

How much is Carl Moyer funding and where does it come from? 

Through the Carl Moyer program, about $1 billion has been allocated to date, over the past 25 years. The program continues to provide over $60 million in grant funding each year to address the issue of older polluting engines throughout California.

The grant program is funded through various sources, including vehicle registration fees, smog check fees, and penalties. The program offers grants on a competitive basis to applicants who meet the eligibility criteria, which typically include individuals, private businesses, nonprofit organizations, and public agencies.

Can I stack Carl Moyer funding with other sources of funding? 


In 2015, Senate Bill (SB) 513 provided the opportunity for the Carl Moyer funding recipients to combine program funds with those of other incentive programs.

How can I apply for funding? 

Local air pollution control districts and air quality management districts are responsible for issuing Carl Moyer grants. The specific implementation and funding availability of Carl Moyer Program projects are determined by the respective air districts. Not all air districts fund every type of Carl Moyer Program project available. Here are some general steps to follow to apply for the Carl Moyer Program. 

  1. Research and Preparation:
    • Familiarize yourself with the program guidelines and eligibility requirements available on the CARB website.
    • Identify the type of vehicle or equipment you wish to replace or retrofit and determine the corresponding cleaner alternatives.
  2. Application Process:
    • Submit an application during the open solicitation period, which typically occurs annually.
    • Provide all the required information and supporting documents, such as vehicle specifications, project plans, emission reduction estimates, and financial information.
  3. Evaluation and Award:
    • The applications are evaluated based on various factors, including emission reductions, cost-effectiveness, and project feasibility.
    • Successful applicants are awarded grants to implement their proposed projects.
  4. Project Implementation:
    • Once awarded, recipients must adhere to the program’s guidelines and regulations during the project implementation.
    • Complete the replacement or retrofitting of the vehicles or equipment within the specified timeframe.
  5. Reporting and Compliance:
    • Recipients must submit periodic progress reports and final project reports to document the emission reductions achieved.
    • Compliance with reporting requirements is crucial to receiving the full grant amount

To obtain up-to-date information on funding availability, project eligibility, applications, and the application selection timeline, please reach out to your local air district. To find your air district, use the California Air Resources Board’s air district lookup tool


In conclusion, the Carl Moyer program has helped accelerate the adoption of cleaner technologies in California and incentivized the transition to more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. The Carl Moyer Grant plays a crucial role in California’s efforts to reduce emissions from on-road heavy-duty vehicles. 

By incentivizing the replacement, repower, and conversion of older vehicles with cleaner technologies, the Carl Moyer grant program contributes to improving air quality and protecting public health. The eligibility of various project types and categories provides flexibility for organizations and agencies to make sustainable choices according to their specific needs. Through the Carl Moyer Grant, California continues to lead the way in promoting environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

For more information regarding the Carl Moyer Program, contact CARB’s Diesel Hotline.


Phone: (866) 634-3735






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