Inflation Reduction ACT Tax Credits for EV's and Infrastructure

Transferable tax credits from your EV and infrastructure purchases.

Inflation Reduction ACT Tax Credits

In 2022, President Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). IRA provides up to $1.2 trillion in tax credits to accelerate the transition to clean energy technologies. This includes $380 billion in tax credits for companies, agencies and individuals purchasing electric vehicles and installing electric charging equipment.

The IRA also included two key innovations:

Transferability - taxpayers can sell tax credits for cash to entities with tax obligations.

Direct Pay - Tax-exempt entities can receive the value of the tax credits as a direct payment from the IRS.

Significant Value

These credits have significant value, however, the new rules are complex, confusing, and involve risk if not managed correctly.

We've partnered with industry leaders to help you take advantage of the new IRA crediting opportunities to manage, maximize, and monetize your electric vehicle and infrastructure upgrades.
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