A Review of Low Carbon Programs in 2021

2021 was an incredible year for e-Mission Control – not only for our growing team, but for the incredible community we’ve built amongst fleet operators and owners, OEM’s, equipment vendors, public agencies, and a host of other vital stakeholders leaning into the zero-emission electrification future.

As for us, we’ve grown exponentially! We now employ over 20 people, have opened a new 3,000 sq. foot office in downtown Sacramento, represent hundreds of fleets, thousands of pieces of equipment, and have helped support the offsetting of millions of gallons of fossil fuels. In fact, direct work with our partner’s fleets have resulted in GHG reductions equivalent to 175 million passenger vehicle miles. We’re also proud to have stood up programs like our Green Fleet Pioneer Program and our e-POWERment Program, supporting badly-needed electrification efforts amongst our non-profit organizations.

As an environmentally-focused organization, a technology provider, and a place to call home for our zero-emission community, thank you for a wonderful year (despite its many challenges!) and we look forward to a strong and resilient year to come.


Todd & the eMC Team

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