e-Mission Control Recognizes Net-Zero Fleet Carbon Emissions Though Green Fleet Pioneer Designation

Green Fleet Pioneer Logo/Badge (Graphic: Business Wire)



SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–e-Mission Control, a firm that facilitates credit generation through California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program and Oregon’s Clean Fuel Program (CFP), launched its Green Fleet Pioneer designation for partners who participate in the LCFS and CFP. Launched in 2009, the LCFS was designed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the transportation sector, which is responsible for roughly 50 percent of GHG emissions and 80 percent of ozone‐forming gas emissions. This program also transforms and diversifies the fuel pool in California to reduce petroleum dependency and achieves air quality benefits. In 2016, Oregon passed similar legislation with the goal of reducing the amount of lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions per unit of energy by a minimum of 10% below 2010 levels by 2025.

“Our partners deserve special recognition for doing their part in helping keep California’s air clean and healthy by utilizing battery electric material handling equipment in their operations,” said Todd Trauman, CEO of e-Mission Control. “Since launching our company, we’ve helped generate over 48,000 tons of CO2e worth of LCFS and CFP credit value, and we feel this is something to celebrate.”

All partners qualify for this designation. They will be receiving a logo badge, along with data accumulated throughout their engagement with e-Mission Control, for use in their communications. “Transparency and education are paramount in these programs. Many of our partners have a good understanding of LCFS and CFP and maximize the financial opportunities these programs generate. Oftentimes, they utilize the benefits to expand their operations including zero-emission material handling equipment, and we feel this should be applauded,” he added.

About E-Mission Control

e-Mission Control designs, manages, and executes electricity consumption data products for forward-thinking on- and off-road vehicle fleet operators. At e-Mission Control, we understand that the management and reliability of data shaping transportation incentive programs around the world are extremely important in smoothing the transition to a green economy. Industries most impacted by transportation and mobility-related greenhouse gas emissions are often the ones that need the most support navigating complex regulatory provisions and reporting necessary to participate. This concept underpins our commitment to democratizing access and engagement in these state-administered programs, so that the resulting financial and environmental benefits reach stakeholders who might otherwise be overlooked.







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