Clean Fuel Programs for Residential & Multi Unit Buildings

Enrolling your EV Chargers

FuSE Supports Residential and Multi Unit Buildings

To be eligible for credits your EV Chargers must meed 3 criteria:

 • Supply and pay for the electricity of your charging stations (L2 or L3 Chargers)
• Electricity can be measured accurately (this is commonly referred to as "Networked" chargers)
• The building has 5 or more dwelling units

Note: This provision is for BC-LCFS program only. Contact us if you want to know more about the Canadian Federal Program (Clean Fuel Regulations

Clean Fuel Program Calculators

No matter the size of your fleet, FuSE is ready to get your electric equipment enrolled. For a quick estimate on your LCFS credit value, go to one of our useful calculators.
OR eMHE Estimator
For a quick estimate on your OR CFP credit value, go to our eMHE estimator.
OR eMHE Estimator
CA eMHE Estimator
For CA eMHE fleets of all sizes, estimate the value of your fleet. Or, if you are planning on expanding your eMHE fleet, build the LCFS estimated credit revenue in your TCO.
CA eMHE Estimator
Carbon Footprint
EV Estimator
For electric truck fleets spanning Class 1, light duty through Class 8, heavy duty vehicles, visit our EV estimator.
EV Fleet Incentive Estimator
eTRU Credit Estimator
For hybrid-electric transport refrigeration units (eTRUs), estimate the value of your equipment with our eTRU credit estimator.
eTRU Credit Estimator
For more information about clean fuel programs and how your manufacturing operation can participate, contact us today through our request consultation form or at
1-833-ZeroCO2 (1-833-937-6262).
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