S1E9: Sarah Booth of Sawatch Labs talks fleet analysis and the importance of telematics for EVs!

Check out episode 9 of The Charge Cycle, Todd Trauman and Conner Whaley talk to Sarah Booth, COO of Sawatch Labs. The company focuses on a deep understanding of raw telemetry data across all major providers, custom software development, big-data aggregation and analysis, software partner integrations, GIS and ESRI, leveraging API/SDK, driver safety policy best practices, and so much more. Sawatch Labs has several products such as ezEV, ezIO, and EMIT which together are focused on EV fleet feasibility, infrastructure planning as well as emission tracking. Sawatch Labs information and contact: https://www.sawatchlabs.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/sawatchlabs/

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