S1E11: Reflections on the Future of EV Charging with Four Guests from EVS36

At the 36th Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition Conner Whaley, OEM and Strategic Partnerships Manager for e-Mission Control, interviewed four guests on the future of EVs and EV charging.

The guests were:

  1. Austin Bowers, VP of Operations at Future Fuels (0:50) 

Austin talked about Future Fuels’ turn-key service for the southeast which includes helping customers identify incentives for EV charging, plan, purchase, and install them as well as provide service down the road. People want better, faster charging and the only way to do that is through DC charging.

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  1. Chris Thorson, Chief Marketing Officer at FLO (14:48) 

With an uptime of 98% or better, FLO chargers focus on reliability. Well established in Canada, FLO is now expanding its rugged chargers to the USA. FLO strives to give users great experiences with public charging and hopes that someday what charger EV drivers use will be a matter of preference.

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  1. Katrina Sutton, Technical Project Manager at CALSTART (29:52) 

Katrina works for CALSTART, an organization that touches every aspect of zero-emission transportation including managing HVIP and EnergIIZE funds. Katrina commented that workplace charging encourages people who can’t charge at home to adopt EVs and helps mitigate variables of public charging.

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  1. Mike Potter, CEO at Crowd Charge (41:48) 

Mike and Conner reflected on the fact that many people who don’t usually consider electric vehicles are now considering them. With a 300,000 mile lifespan and lower maintenance, especially at higher mileages, EVs prove their worth.

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