Driving Ohio's Green Transition: Embracing a Low Carbon Future

Discover the Ohio Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), a pending policy that sets targets for decarbonizing the transportation sector. Through a science-based and market-driven approach, Ohio aims to promote low-carbon and alternative fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and enhance air quality.

Low Carbon Fuel Standard - Pending Bill Introduction

Clean Fuels Ohio has taken the lead in advocating for clean fuels policies within the state, collaborating with the Great Plains Institute to bring together diverse stakeholders interested in such initiatives. To determine the feasibility of a clean fuels policy for Ohio, Clean Fuels Ohio commissioned a comprehensive research study to assess its potential impact on the fuel mix, economy, and air quality. Additionally, the Great Plains Institute is currently conducting an analysis to understand how a clean fuels policy would affect various sectors of Ohio's economy. However, due to the ongoing Ohio 134 General Assembly session, the introduction of a clean fuels policy bill is not expected until at least 2023.
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