Clean fuel standards made smarter

FuSE is the hub for fleet and facility operational updates, financial transaction details, downloadable financial reports, credit tracking, asset tracking, energy consumption tracking, real-time dashboarding, OEM, EVSE, and other tech reviews, public funding opportunity summaries, fuel market data, and much more.

A streamlined experience for EV fleets of all types.

Automatic Enrollment

Automated enrollment for most eligible equipment types and supported enrollment for all else.

Carbon Reporting

See how many credits, denominated in MT/CO2e, have been generated and traded.

Program Transparency

Unparalleled clarity on the purpose and value of clean fuel standards and how to share it.

Revenue Reporting

View and share your revenue details and equate fuel consumption to financial return.

Daily Market Pricing

Available in all markets where data is published to help better understand opportunity.

Eligible Asset kWh Tracking

Track all eligible and non-eligible fleet assets in one spot and view revenue on a per-unit level.

Utilization and Enrollment Trends

See what equipment and areas are earning the most relative to an enrolled fleet.

Multi-User Permissioning

Tiered and delegated access for various user needs, from on the floor to C-suite.

API Integrations

To many leading EVSEs and CNOs to ease new asset deployment and data gathering.

Book & Claim Management

Zero-emission electricity procurement and retirement to benefit using clean fuels.

Pending Regulation Tracker

Follow closely to the dozens of new jurisdictions are considering their own programs.

Customer Support

Live chat with our Customer Success Team to facilitate every step of the way.

Turn-key support for fleets of all types, in every jurisdiction.

FuSE is a comprehensive platform for public and private fleet operators, focusing on enrolling and managing participation in clean fuel standard programs. 

Across various jurisdictions, including California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Canada (federally), FuSE is a tailored solution to simplify participation and offers a suite of tools and reports. 

OEM, Technology or Service Provider? 
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Enhance your technology or services offerings with our FuSE Strategic Partnership Program, designed for providers like you. Broaden the access of your portfolio and empower fleets in their electrification journey. As a partner, you can offer vital expertise and resources to guide customers in adopting zero-emission technology and maximize electrification benefits. Benefit from direct messaging with customers who have found FuSE and are seeking additional support.
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