2022 Year in Review by CEO Todd Trauman



Dear Friends and Partners,

As we look back on the year 2022 and all of the progress that has been made in the clean transportation industry, I am filled with excitement and pride to be part of a growing company dedicated to achieving a zero-emission transportation future. The rapid advancement and adoption of clean technologies in both the hardware and software sectors is truly remarkable, and I am thrilled that e-Mission Control has played a role in driving this electrification revolution through the projects we have undertaken this past year.

Our main focus in 2022 has been investing in our technology platform, which we believe will greatly expand access to clean fuel programs. These programs are vital in reducing carbon emissions and combating the climate crisis. Our new cloud-based SaaS solution will make it easy for fleets of all sizes to participate in any compliance low carbon fuel standard or clean fuel program across North America and bring equity to every company so deserving. The platform will provide access to fleet and energy consumption data, payment volumes, contracts, facility registrations, current fleet assets, program credit pricing details, API integrations to all major EVSE platforms, and much more. Launching in early 2023, it will revolutionize clean fuel program access and transparency for all things transportation electrification.

Another successful initiative we have undertaken in 2022 is our Green Fleet Pioneer program, which showcases the amazing work of our clean fuel program partners and helps build community around fleets trying to leverage lessons learned from those deploying early-stage technologies. Many of our partners have been able to connect with one another on OEM’s, platforms, SaaS, service providers, utility experiences, public funding opportunities, and a host of other topics, all in a trusted environment. Additionally, many of our fleets used the social media posts, press releases, and artwork we created for their Earth Day communications, and several of our larger partners included clean fuel program data from e-Mission Control in their 2022 ESG reporting obligations. We look forward to the continued growth and adoption of this program in 2023.

To help our clients manage their participation in clean fuel programs and navigate the rapidly changing landscape of electrification, we have expanded the Partner Success team at e-Mission Control. Our team provides ongoing education and advises partners on new zero-emission regulations, changes to existing regulations, and handles general electrification inquiries. Additionally, we have also redesigned our website, e-missioncontrol.com, to provide the most up-to-date information on electrification. The site now includes information about active and pending clean fuel programs, qualifying electric equipment and vehicles, incentive calculators for multiple state programs, a comprehensive FAQ section, expanded blog entries, and much more, reflecting an effort to bring the most relevant information to the forefront, as quickly as possible.

We have also launched a new podcast called “The Charge Cycle,” which is available on all major podcast platforms. The program features clean energy experts and industry veterans discussing the factors driving the electrification transition, including public funding opportunities, vehicle readiness, infrastructure, regulatory updates, and more. It also includes discussions with a variety of fleet owners and operators from different industries and sectors to provide a realistic perspective on the current state of electrification. We encourage all those in the fleet electrification ecosystem to take a listen.

Finally, I am proud to announce that our e-Powerment program funded its first project in 2022. In November, with the help of seed money and partner donations, we were able to assist Alameda County Community Food Bank (ACCFB) in purchasing an electric floor scrubber, helping ACCFB staff and volunteers keep the busy food bank clean (it was already immaculate, but done by hand!) and allow them to focus on serving the 60,000 people who receive assistance daily. We hope that we can continue building support for the e-Powerment program so that even more of our clean fuel partners will donate 1% of their incentive revenue to fund similar projects for non-profits in need of financial support for electrification.

As we approach the end of the year, I want to wish all of our friends and partners a happy holiday season and much success in 2023.


Todd Trauman

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